Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another Example of Griffin's "Logic"

Elder Griffin in the debate I am analyzing wrote:

"This cannot be a description of the church of my faith; we don't brag or boast about saving souls or doing great works for the Lord." (pg. 73 of the Griffin-Woods Debate)

Griffin made these comments in the context of condemning all "boasting" or bragging. Griffin condemned all bragging. What is ironic, however, is the fact that Griffin himself, in these words, brags about his not bragging! How blind! But, this is typical of cult members, for they can see the faults in others but rarely can see them in themselves.

In the same speech, on the preceding page, Griffin said:

"Can a person be a Primitive Baptist--I want to explain the word "Primitive." We have used this term since 1832 or close to that time. We are the church of Jesus Christ, the very one that Jesus set up."

He also said:

"...the church of my faith has the only baptism there is. I want to throw that in. We have the only baptism there is. Just one, and we have it." (pg. 35)

Is that not evidence that Hardshells are a "cult"?

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