Friday, November 18, 2011

Abraham Booth on Regeneration

Abraham Booth (1734-1806), a leading 18th and 19th century Particular Baptist leader, wrote:

"But it is impossible for us to conceive of the mind being enlightened, of the conscience being relieved, of the will being regulated, and of the affections being purified by the word of truth, any further than it is believed. It may therefore be concluded, that regeneration is not, in order of time, prior to faith in Christ, and justification by him." 

"...there is no such thing as priority, or posteriority, respecting them, either as to the order of time, or the order of nature. THEY ARE INSEPARABLE, NOR CAN ONE EXIST WITHOUT THE OTHER."  ("Glad Tidings to Perishing Sinners," page 122)

Did not Spurgeon say that Booth represented his views?

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