Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hardshells Converted By Men & Money

Over the past 180 years, the Hardshells who have denied that God saves (regenerates or gives birth to) sinners by the preaching of the Gospel have argued that such a view logically leads to affirming that sinners are saved by money and that their salvation depends upon man rather than upon God.  Men must travel to preach the Gospel and there are expenses involved in traveling.  But, by this same logic, Hardshells must admit that their being "converted" or their experiencing "time" or Gospel salvation was by money and was dependent upon man.  A Hardshell preacher spends money on gas for his car to go preach.  A child of God hears the Hardshell preach and is "converted" by the preaching.  Was he not saved by men rather than by God, by Hardshell logic?  Was he not "converted" by money?

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