Friday, August 16, 2013

Hardshells on Immediate Regeneration

In an article titled "Total Depravity Requires Immediate Holy Spirit Regeneration" (see here) a Hardshell apologist wrote:

"Consider the testimony of the following verses that speak to the deadness of man's natural condition and thus underscore the need for the immediacy of regeneration and the folly of all other methods which rely upon human means."

I have dealt with this Hardshell argumentation in numerous places in my ongoing book and in my blogs. For instance, I wrote this on the subject:

"But, even in the Hardshell scheme of regeneration, dead people do hear the words of Christ before they are made alive! The Hardshell says that the dead cannot hear. Yet, they also teach that the dead must hear to be regenerated. They have no problem putting "hearing" before life when it comes to the words Christ himself speaks to the dead, but not those same words he speaks through the preacher of the gospel! I will deal with this other novel idea of the Hardshells, the "Direct Speaking" theory of regeneration, under a separate chapter. Brother Ross has dealt with this novel theory extensively and I hope to cite his remarks and extend upon them. Did the dead bones in Ezekiel 37 not hear the words of God, through Ezekiel, BEFORE they came to life?" ( "Chapter Nine - Hardshell Logic on Regeneration")

In another posting titled "Chpt. 86 - Hardshell Proof Texts VII" I dealt with the Hardshell argumentation on how a belief in total depravity necessitates a regeneration apart from the use of Gospel preaching. Please read that chapter. 

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