Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Name "Hardshell" III

Elder C.C. Morris and other Hardshells of the "Absoluter" faction have a web page (see here) in which they have this at the heading:

"Welcome to the Primitive Baptist Web Site! This site is dedicated to the Old School, Hardshell, Absolute Predestinarian Primitive Baptist beliefs."

Thus, here is further evidence that not all Hardshells consider the name "Hardshell" to be a derogatory term. Thus far, we have seen that the first Hardshells did not object to the label, and even embraced it. We saw how an old sister who had been in the Hardshell church for fifty years, and who was the daughter and wife of Hardshell preachers, did not shun to declare herself to be a Hardshell Baptist.

So, to those Hardshells who think we are using derogatory language with malicious intentions, we put this evidence forth. Also, as I have elaborated upon in the early chapters of my book on the Hardshells, many others accept the name with pride. However, I have used the term as others, to denote the stubbornness of the Hardshells to listen to reason.

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