Sunday, July 6, 2014

Another Hardshell Blunder

In the standard Hardshell history, "The Church of God From The Creation to A.D. 1885," by Elder Cushing Biggs Hassell and Revised and Completed by Elder Sylvester Hassell, in Chapter VII - "THE MINISTRY OF CHRIST AND HIS APOSTLES. — THE GOSPELS AND THE EPISTLES," is this statement.

"An unbaptized person has no Bible right to preach the gospel."

The Hardshells are known for their blunders, as I have often observed. For instance, see A Hardshell Blunder

If this statement is true, John the Baptist did not preach the Gospel! 

Further, we have observed how such a sentiment goes against many of the hymns found in Hardshell song books and which were sung by their forefathers and founders.  For instance, they sing "I love to tell the story," but is this true only of baptized believers?  Also, they sing "go...tell it to the world" in which the exhortation is addressed to preachers, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, Christians, etc.

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