Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bear Creek Association & Two Seedism

In previous writings I have shown that the "Original Bear Creek Association of Primitive Baptists" (here in North Carolina) was formerly the place of some of my early ministerial labors while a Hardshell preacher (see my chapter "Personal Experiences" - see here) and have shown that their association history shows that they were infected with elements of "two seedism" in the nineteenth century per the witness of Elder Hosea Preslar (see the posting "Elder Preslar on Two Seedism" (see here).  In the former I showed how the Bear Creek Hardshells are possessed of a harsh, popish spirit, an arrogant, proud, and critical spirit.  I have also through the years written of my visits to the Bear Creek Association. 

Here is what Elder Preslar wrote about the Bear Creek Association in the days just preceding the Civil War.

"But in the midst of all this confusion, my desire and prayer to God was that the Bear Creek Association might be saved,--saved from the many errors by which she was surrounded, (her well known enemies) And also from some erroneous things or principles, that are now in her midst, or in her ranks, going under the name of "Old Baptist;" but when named by those who are better acquainted with its signs and marks, is the old Two Seed Parkerite heresy."

Now let us notice the following unique expression in the present articles of faith of this association.

Art. 2. We believe in the man Jesus being the first of all God's creation and the pattern of all Gods perfection in nature, providence, grace and glory, and in relative union with the Divine Word, and thus united with the whole Trinity.

What is this article teaching?  The eternal humanity of Christ?  Can anyone see the "two seedism" in these words?  (I will not enlarge upon this in this posting but will do so, the Lord willing, in the future)

Notice also this article (which wording of it was changed in the late 19th century).

Art. 4. We believe the doctrine of Election, that God chose his church in Christ Jesus before the world began.

Proceedings of the Spring Session, 1892.  (see here)

Can anyone see the two seed understanding of election in these words?  (more on this later also)

Perhaps some leader of the Bear Creek Association can help us out here?

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