Wednesday, December 2, 2015

John Ryland Sr. a Hardshell?

In my discussion with Hardshell apologist Jason Brown, I refuted Brown's assertion that John Ryland Sr. was Hardshell on the new birth.  See that posting HERE.

Preaching at the time of the devastating 18th century eruption of Mount Aetna, Ryland said (emphasis mine):

Some high Calvinists neglect the unconverted; but Paul left no case untouched. He spoke properly and suitably to Felix, as well as to Timothy. Some neglect to preach the law, and tell their hearers to accept Christ. O sinners, beware! If Christ says, “Depart,” ‘tis all over. Depart into a thousand Aetnas, bursting up for ever and ever. Your souls are now within an inch of damnation. I am clear of your blood. If you are condemned, I’ll look you in the face at judgment, and say, “Lord, I told that man – I told those boys and girls, on the 29th of August, 1790 – I warned them – they would not believe – and now they stand shivering before the bar!”

Now, does that sound like Hardshellism?

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