Wednesday, March 23, 2016

19th Century PB Periodicals & Citations

It is a good thing for modern day researchers of the "Primitive" or "Old School" (Hardshell) Baptist church that the first several periodicals of the denomination are now available on the Internet.  If one will read these first periodicals, he will learn what the first Hardshells believed.  I hope that today's Hardshells will take the time to read these periodicals and discover how far they have removed from what their forefathers believed.  These three periodicals were the leading voices for the newly formed Hardshell denomination:

Signs of the Times (began in 1832 - see here)
The Primitive Baptist (began in 1835 - see here)
Christian Doctrinal Advocate and Spiritual Monitor (began in 1838 and sometimes called "The Advocate and Monitor" - see here and here)

Vol. 1 of "The Primitive Baptist" (1836)

Q. Why then is vengeance pronounced against them that obey not the gospel?

A. Because there is no way of escape from the vengeance due to breach of law, but by the gospel, or being born again, which embraces obedience to the gospel.

Q. And why is condemnation pronounced against him that believeth not? (St. John 3: 18--St. Mark 16: 16)

A. Because there is no way from under condemnation, but through faith. (Eph. 2: 8--Mark 16: 16)  (pg. 292)

Q. How does Christ's righteousness become indeed our justification?

A. It is imputed to us through faith in him. (Rom. 5: 1--Acts 13: 39-=-Rom. 1:17--4: 11, 6: 8 11, 22, 23, 24-- Gal. 3: 16)  (pg. 293)

"No, the Lord tells his preachers to go, and I believe he will make them go and preach, and make his people believe;  for he says, my people shall, not may, be a willing people;  but shall be a willing people in the day of my power."  (pg. 306)

" sadly they will be mistaken, when they have to share their portion with hypocrites, (and all unbelievers in God's plan of salvation by grace) in the lake that will burn like fire and  brimstone."  (pg. 312)

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