Monday, March 21, 2016

Upcoming Posts

Having returned from dad's funeral and presently getting some rest and back into secular work, I intend to get back on schedule with my writings. I also want to write on my dad's funeral. So, here are the works that I hope to finish over the next month in addition to writings on the funeral and on my dad's life.

1. I will finish my series "God's Faith?"
2. I will finish my series on "Hardshells and Expository Preaching"
3. I will continue the series "My meeting with Sonny Pyles"
4. Revising and enlarging my book "The Hardshell Baptist Cult"
5. Finish my series on "awakened sinners."

I want to thank all those who offered prayers on behalf of my father and the church he served for sixty years; Also, those who attended and who called to offer condolences.

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