Thursday, March 24, 2016

Where Is The Historian?

Nearly all Hardshells know about their leading "historians," especially that of Elders C.B. and Sylvester Hassell. Yet few today, if any, know much about the history of either Baptists in general or of their own "Primitive Baptist Church." Are there no historians among the Hardshells today after the order of Hassell(s), Newman, Redford, Craig, etc.?

There are two modern Hardshells who have seemed to want to be thought of as the modern day Hassell, knowing the most about Hardshell history. These are Harold Hunt and Michael Ivey, both of whom have written revisionist histories at which the Hassells would have laughed. I have written extensively against these two seekers of the title of "Supreme Hardshell Historian."

Well, I tell you, I challenge any Hardshell to come forward and show that they know more of their history than I do. That is why there has not been one Hardshell to come forward to disprove all the evidence I have presented to show that the Hardshell histories contain numerous errors, some even intentional.

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