Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I Starved To Death For Eschatological Truth

I Starved To Death For Eschatological Truth while I was a Hardshell. I was, as a young disciple and minister of the word, hungry to hear about the second coming of Christ, of the end of the age, of the events that Jesus and the Apostles discoursed about in connection with his coming again. Yet, I heard very little teaching on these subjects, and what I did hear, was just hard to swallow.

Yet, when I got away from the Hardshell cult I grew in my understanding of eschatology. I love this area of study and contemplation. My dear friend, Bob Ross, and I often talked about prophecy.

I thought, as a young disciple, that Jesus would come in my lifetime. I still believe this, though I am sixty years of age. I want to write on this more and more over the next few years, believing that the Lord's people need teaching in this area desperately.

More to come, the Lord willing.

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