Friday, June 17, 2016

Cracking Hardshells?

Recently I got the following comment for Chapter 1 - The Primitive Baptist Church ("The Hardshell Cult") (SEE HERE). Ironically, this Hardshell chose an Internet name that indicates that Hardshells are hard nuts, and which I have posted two chapters on cracking Hard shelled nuts. Also, this Hardshell does not want us to know who he is.

 You cant crack them Hardshells said...

"He doesn't know Jack about primitive Baptist and in a debate with someone like elder Sonny Pyles would skin him alive in a debate or even his son David Pyles. I been a pb. Over 40 years he knows nothing about us." (June 3rd, 2016)

Garrett doesn't know anything about the Hardshells and the history of the old Baptists? Garrett would lose in a debate with David or Sonny Pyles?

Chapter 14 - Hard-Shell Busters (HERE)
(First Cracking)

Chapter 17 - Hardshell Busters (HERE)
Second Cracking

This person is really not worth responding to, especially since he wants to remain a ghost figure.

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