Saturday, June 18, 2016

Who Did I Forget?

First Hardshell Leaders (1830s)

- Daniel Parker
- John Taylor
- Gilbert Beebe
- Samuel Trott
- James Osbourn
- Daniel Jewett
- Mark Bennett
- Joshua Lawrence
- John Leland
- C.B. Hassell
- Burwell Temple
- Lawrence Greatrake
- John M. Watson
- Wilson Thompson
- Grigg Thompson
- Stephen Gard
- John Clark
- Thomas Dudley
- William Conrad
- Hosea Preslar
- Joel Hume
- Richard Newport

First Periodicals (1830's)

- The Signs of the Times (Gilbert Beebe)
- The Christian Doctrinal Advocate and Spiritual Monitor (Daniel Jewett)
- The Church Advocate (Daniel Parker)
- The Old Baptist Banner (Washington Lowe and John Watson)
- The Primitive Baptist (Mark Bennett and Joshua Lawrence)

Now, I know what these men believed and what these periodicals affirmed as being "Primitive Baptist" belief and practice.  For any Hardshell to come along and pretend that I do not know what "Primitive Baptists" believe, is truly a sign of cult brainwashing and Hardshell stubbornness.

First of all, let them tell me who I omitted among the first Hardshell leaders. Of course, I could name lessor figures, but who can doubt that I named nearly all the well known spokesmen for the anti mission movement? How many of today's Hardshells know these things? How many have read the writings of these first leaders? How many really know what they taught?

Oh yes, today's Hardshells know what Cayce, Daily, Dalton, Redford, Newman, and such taught, but these men did not teach what the first generation Hardshells taught on the new birth.

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