Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Will All The Elect Hear The Gospel?

Do you know how the first Hardshell generation (1820's through 1860's) would have answered that question? Is there anyone among the Hardshells of today who can prove that they would have answered it like most of today's Hardshells? Most of today's Hardshells would say "no," and yet the first Hardshells would have said "yes." Anyone want to disprove it? I predict that there will not be one Hardshell who will come forward with proof that the first Hardshells generally denied that men must be converted by the gospel to be finally saved in heaven. Why? Because there is no such evidence! If they had it, they would produce it. This blog and my writings are filled with historical evidence to show that they affirmed that all the elect would hear and believe the gospel and persevere in that faith.

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