Wednesday, June 21, 2017

On King James Onlyism

Brother Sarber wrote a good article titled "The Evidence Against King James Onlyism" (see here). I agree with him. I have been against the Hardshells embracing KJV Onlyism since the 1970s when Sonny Pyles and others began to lead the Hardshells into that fallacy. Father was against Pyles on this and argued against the promotion of KJV Onlyism. I have been wanting to write a series of articles on this issue for many years but other topics have required attention first. Perhaps one day I can do this. But, in the mean time, for all those Hardshells who really want to honestly study the matter, let me suggest that they go to youtube and type in these words in the search - KJV James White. Doing this you will find many of Dr. White's debates with advocates of KJV Onlyism and you will see how he completely annihilates them. Will you do it? Remember, don't believe anything without first studying the matter thoroughly with an open mind. If you believe something because some church or elder told you this is what you are supposed to believe, and you just accept it on that basis, then you are no better than most Catholics who believe what they believe because the priest, bishop, or pope tells them to believe it.

One of the commendations that I received from another Bible scholar years ago was from Bob L. Ross of Pilgrim Publications. I recall talking to him about my thoughts on elder rule in Baptist churches and he said to me - "why don't you write a book on it?" I responded by saying - "I'll have to research the matter first." His response was - "That's what I like about you." He went on to explain that he was commending me for not wanting to take a dogmatic stand on an issue till I had studied it thoroughly. I recommend this practice to my Hardshell brethren.

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Kevin Fralick said...

I have both watched his videos and read his book 'The King James Only Controversy'. The position is simply not tenable.