Saturday, July 15, 2017

From "The Primitive Baptist" (1837)

8. We believe that justification before God is by the imputed righteousness of Christ, received by faith in him.

9. We believe that God's elect shall be converted, changed from the love and practice of sin, to the love and practice of holiness; and that all such will be saved eternally.

10. We believe that such as are truly converted will make it manifest by a well ordered life.

From Jan. 28, 1837 issue under the heading "Synopsis Of Faith" (see here)

Now, this is not what most "Primitive Baptists" believe today! They have departed not only from what the Old Baptists of the 17th and 18th centuries believed, before the split in 1832, but they don't even believe what their own forefathers believed who created their denomination. I have cited numerous times from this old periodical and have shown that today's PBs have changed their doctrine from what it was in the beginning of their movement.

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