Monday, October 3, 2011

Was Thompson Right?

In Elder Wilson Thompson's autobiography, page 208, Thompson wrote (emphasis mine - SG):

"When I attended the aforementioned appointment, at Van Pelt's, old Elder Clark (Daniel) was there. After the meeting was over and the crowd had dispersed, a conversation ensued...Many questions were put to me on various points of doctrine, to all of which I answered as fully and copiously as I could, being a stranger to most of them, and but very little acquainted even with Elder Clark. The questions led on to the doctrine of the legal relation of Christ and the elect, and their justification in Him. These points, about this time, were greatly agitating the minds of the members of the Baptist churches, and I had heard that old Elder Clark taught a different opinion to the one I advocate...I replied that any creature who is led by the Holy Spirit is led according to that volume which was written by the inspiration of the same Spirit, and therefore the written word and a gospel experience will always harmonize...When God quickens or gives eternal life, He opens the eyes of the understanding to correct views of the Divine character, glory, and goodness of God..." (Page 209)

Can today's Hardshells say "amen" to these words?

From the above words of Thompson, did he believe that no ideas are given in being regenerated? That it was a non-cognitive experience? On the sub-conscious level? Without enlightenment and understanding of the truth? Thompson clearly believed that being "quickened" involved not just being given eyes, but actually having eyes opened, coming to faith and underderstanding of the truth. Do today's Hardshells believe that regeneration imparts "correct views" about God?

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