Thursday, May 14, 2015

Let's Talk About The Ordo Salutis

In beginning this series on the modern "Hardshell ordo salutis" I would like to first give what I understand the order of salvation to be among Hardshells.  I would like to hear from my Hardshell brethren to see if they think it correct.  Then I will begin to analyze the Hardshell ordo in detail.

Hardshell Ordo Salutis

Before Time

1.  Election, foreknowledge, and predestination
2.  Covenantal union with Christ
3.  Justification (from eternity)

In Time

4.  Justification (at the cross)
5.  Regeneration
6,  Initial salvation
7.  Vital union with Christ
8.  Sanctification (initial)
9.  Faith and Repentance
10.  Conversion
11.  Justification (experimental)
12.  Daily Sanctification
13.  Preservation
14.  Perseverance
15. Good Works

After Time

16. Glorification
17. Final salvation


Where do we put redemption?  Does it have more than one aspect or fulfillment? Where do Hardshells put forgiveness (pardon) of sins?  How and when is one made righteous?


I know that there will be some disagreement between today's Hardshells on this, as there is a difference between today's Hardshells and the first Hardshells of the 1830s.

What are the difficulties for Hardshells respecting their ordo salutis?  That will be the task in upcoming posts in this series.

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