Sunday, October 2, 2011

What About Those Fulton Brethren?

I have another difficult question for Hardshells. "Were the 51 Hardshell elders who assembled in Fulton, Kentucky, in 1900, correct to endorse the London Confession of Faith as expressing primitive Baptist belief?"

If they were correct in judging the confession as an expression of the old Baptist faith, then "why do you reject it today as such?"

If a Hardshell says - "I accept the London Confession with the interpretation given by the Fulton convention in their footnotes to it," then this question will follow:

"How can you say that the originators of the London confession denied means in being born of God, in the confession, when their personal writings all clearly teach it?" In other words, "how could they write a confession that denied gospel means, as you affirm, when they all, in their personal writings, upheld the teaching of gospel means?"

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