Friday, August 16, 2013

Hardshells on Cornelius

A "Primitive Baptist" has started a blog and one of the entries he made was for the purpose of trying to prove that Cornelius was a saved and regenerate man before he came to believe the Gospel or believe in Christ.  He wrote:

"That said, what additional data do we have regarding Cornelius in Acts 10:2? The bible says that he "feared God." What does this tell us about Cornelius? Well, it ELIMINATES the possibility that he was unregenerate because Paul says such men have "no fear of God before their eyes."(Rom 3:18) The moment you affirm that Cornelius "feared God," you have admitted that he was "saved" in the sense of being regenerate (the Tit 3:5 sense), and all who are regenerate are already in possession of eternal life."

Here is the comment I left him. 

Dear Brother, by your logic the demons are also regenerated because they tremble before God, which shows that they have a fear of God. (James 2: 19) Further, you have someone who does not believe in Jesus saved, and yet the Bible says that the wrath of God abides on the one who is not a believer in Jesus. (John 3: 36)  (see here for the posting in his blog titled "theearstohear")

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