Friday, August 23, 2013

New Articles of Faith

With a change in major points of doctrine must necessarily come a reflection of the same in the local church's Articles of Faith. It is with great sadness that I must announce that strange, unorthodox views have finally made their way into churches whom I pray could be rescued from such a stance.

"We believe that while the gospel of Jesus Christ is in no way involved in the regeneration (new birth) of the elect, it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believes. There are timely, daily, and personal deliverances for the child of God through faith in believing the gospel and obedience to the same." (see Here)


Temporal Salvation. We believe the gospel is the good news of God's salvation by the finished work of Jesus Christ. It is intended solely for God's elect born again children, for their good, joy and happiness. It brings life and immortality to light, and by it, we are fed spiritually. Belief and obedience to the gospel by the performing of "good works" provides a great reward in this life and a timely deliverance (temporal salvation) from spiritual ignorance, a life displeasing to God, and from the pitfalls of this world, our flesh and the devil. We also avoid the chastening rod of God's wrath here in this life by living in obedience to His word. The gospel has no role in the eternal salvation of God's children and many of God's elect will never be converted to the truth of the gospel unto discipleship (infant deaths, mentally afflicted, those in remote parts of the world, or those who in an act of rebellion reject the gospel in unbelief). (Augusta Primitive Baptist Church, May 2012)

To what page in history may we turn to see such beliefs endorsed? The gospel is only for the regenerate and only procures temporal blessings, having nothing to do with eternal salvation? Many of the elect who hear it will reject it, yet still be finally saved? They go to heaven as unchanged rebels?

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