Tuesday, April 21, 2020

White Horse Of The Apocalypse VIII

Here are questions that must be answered in regard to the white horse rider having a "toxon" or "bow."

1. Is the "bow" an archer's bow or some other kind?
2. What is the meaning of "toxon"?
3. Does "toxon" denote an empty bow (empty bow)?
4. If there are arrows, for what purpose and against whom?
5. If the bow has no arrows (an empty bow), why empty? Significance?
6. Why did Strong say of "toxon" - 'apparently as the simplest fabric'?
7. How does "tikto" (root of 'toxon') relate to the idea of a "bow"?
8. Is "toxon" a "ribbon" (as some affirm).

Scholars On "Toxon"

The Greek word translated "bow" is from "toxon." The etymology of this word has not been clearly discernible. The Greek word "toxon" gives us our English word "toxic" (poisonous). Rev. 6:2 is the only time the word is used in the NT. Strong defines "toxon" as: "From the base of G5088; a bow (apparently as the simplest fabric):—bow"

Strong on G5088 (τίκτω tikto):

1) to bring forth, bear, produce (fruit from the seed)
1a) of a woman giving birth
1b) of the earth bringing forth its fruits
1c) metaph. to bear, bring forth

There is some mystery surrounding the meaning of this unique Greek word. Confusion is added when one reads Strong's definition as somehow involving a "simplest fabric." There seems to be some unneeded speculation as to the significance of "toxon."

From my research I see the basic root "tox" as meaning a curve. The suffix, whether "on" or some other, says something about what is curved. An archer's bow is curved. The rainbow is curved. A man curves his body when he "bows" to another. Etc.

I offer my own speculation about how "simplest fabric" and "giving birth to" (tikto) or "producing" may be involved and yet the main idea of an archer's bow remains foremost.

So, how did the archer put the poison on the tips of arrows? Not with his fingers, for the poison would kill the archer. So, he would use some instrument to apply the poison to the arrows unless he merely dipped each arrow in the liquid poison. Application of poison to the arrows could easily be done with a piece of cheap cloth also. Further, who knows but that the bow or some part of the arrows were not of some kind of fabric? Further, a quiver being implied, though not mentioned, it could well be that the quiver was made of "fabric." Perhaps too the feathers on the arrows were of some kind of fabric material. But, these are just speculations. But, so too are the things said by those who make "toxon" to mean "ribbon," "rainbow," etc.

Also, as far as "bringing forth" being the root for "toxon" we could speculate that the reason is due to the fact that analogously the bow brings forth, or shoots forth, arrows. Children in the OT were viewed as "arrows" in a father's "quiver." (Psalms 127: 4-5)

We cannot allow the idea of fabric or birth to become the prominent ideas in "toxon," which is rather a bow with poisoned arrows.

The "toxon" cannot mean "rainbow" (though some teach this) for "rainbow" has its own Greek word. Two times in Revelation it is from the Greek word "iris." Though the same Hebrew word for "bow" was used for both rainbows and for archery bows in the Old Testament, it is different in the Greek New Testament.

Those who say that the "toxon" is the rainbow will use this idea to jump to the idea that the rider has some kind of connection with a covenant. But, this is all false. The rider on the white horse is not carrying a symbol of a covenant (as the rainbow is). The rider is a mighty warrior on a war steed.

Toxon in the Septuagint

Toxon is the Greek word used in the Septuagint for the Hebrew word "qesheth" (translated "bow" in Old Testament). It is used first in regard to the rainbow.

"I do set my bow (toxon) in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth." (Gen. 9:13 and vs. 14 & 16; Exe. 1:28)

Remembering that the basic root of "toxon" simply means "curved" we can see why the rainbow is such. In fact we could translate as "I do set my curve in the cloud." A curve is an arch. But rainbow is not the primary usage of "qesheth" in the OT. It is chiefly used of a man bowing down, or to an archer's bow, used either for hunting or for warfare, or both. Let us look at some OT verses where the Hebrew word "qesheth" ('toxon' in Greek Septuagint) is used and the reference is to a weapon of war.

"And of Benjamin; Eliada a mighty man of valour, and with him armed men with bow and shield two hundred thousand." (2Ch 17:17)

Notice in the words "armed men with bow" that there is no mention of arrows. Does that mean that they are not with the warriors? If we use the same logic that many apply to Rev. 6:2 and the supposed absence of arrows there, then we will have to say that they were "armed" with a bow but with no arrows! Is that not absurd? Does it not show how illogical is the argumentation on the supposed absence of arrows in Rev. 6:2? Just as arrows are implied In the words "armed with toxon" so too are they implied in the statement that the white horse rider of 6:2 has a "toxon." Don't you see?

"Who raised up the righteous man from the east, called him to his foot, gave the nations before him, and made him rule over kings? he gave them as the dust to his sword, and as driven stubble to his bow." (Isa. 41:2)

Again, there is no mention of arrows in this text. Does that mean we are to assume that there are none? Of course not. When the text says "driven stubble to his bow" we know that it does not mean his empty bow! The arrows are implied though they are not specifically mentioned. Further, to exclude the presence of arrows because they are not specifically mentioned is just plain nonsense. A bow is mentioned 78 times in 75 verses in the bible and over 50 times it is mentioned without arrows; And, in none of them is the bow to be assumed as being empty or without arrows!

In Zechariah 9:10 and 10:4 "the battle toxon/bow" is mentioned. It would be foolish to imagine that this battle toxon excluded poisoned arrows! The very word "toxon" carries with it the idea of poisoned arrows. It is from this Greek word that we get our English words "toxic" and "intoxicated."

"The British publisher defines the adjective toxic as “poisonous.” The word first appeared in English in the 1650s. It came from the Latin word toxicus, meaning “poisoned.”

The Latin word itself actually came from the Greek term toxon, meaning “bow.” In ancient Greece, fighters with bows would put poison on the points of their arrows." (here)

On the word "intoxicate" Webster says:

"Etymology: from Latin intoxicatus, past participle of intoxicare "to poison," from earlier in- "put into" and toxicum "poison," from Greek toxikon "arrow poison," from toxon "bow, arrow" --related to TOXIC, TOXIN.

Word History The Greek word toxon means "bow" or "arrow." From this came the Greek toxikon, meaning "a poison in which arrows are dipped." Toxikon was borrowed into Latin as toxicum, which gave rise to the Latin verb intoxicare, "to poison." The English word intoxicate comes from this Latin verb. Intoxicate originally meant "to poison" in English, but now it is almost never used with this meaning. It is related to the words toxic, meaning "poisonous," and toxin, meaning "a poison." Both of these words can also be traced to the Greek toxon." (here)

Notice then that the Greek word "toxon" includes the idea of arrows that are dipped in poison. Therefore those teachers who argue for an empty bow for the white horse rider of 6:2 are simply ignorant it seems of these plain facts.

Wrote one writer about one of the constellations:

"The Greeks called this constellation Toxeutes, the Archer, from Toxon, bow. Modern archers are known as toxophilites or 'bow lovers', toxophily is the sport of archery. The word Taxus, the yew genus and the Latin word for yew, is of the same origin as Greek toxon, bow. In Europe bows were mostly made from yew, and English bows in particular were invariably cut from yew trees. Greek toxicon, neuter of the adjective toxicos, means 'arrow poison' and poisons smeared on arrows were fired from bows (toxa or toxon) derived from the yew-tree. Our verb intoxicate originally meant 'to poison'. The 17th century herbalist Nicolas Culpepper said of Yew toxins: "it is the most active vegetable poison known in the whole world, for in a small dose it instantly induces death." (here)

Hercules wielded an oversized club, a vaunted bow, and poison-tipped arrows.

Can there be any doubt then that the righteous and victorious white horse rider of 6:2 has a bow with poisoned arrows?

Poisoned Arrows

"For the arrows of the Almighty are within me, the poison whereof drinketh up my spirit: the terrors of God do set themselves in array against me." (Job 6: 4)

Here God is pictured as an archer with poisoned arrows. Where is Satan or the Antichrist ever pictured as an archer? That he may in some respects be such, as all men are who shoot forth evil words (as we will see), their words being compared to poisonous arrows, it is not that which is generally characteristic of him in holy scripture. However, God and his Son are pictured in numerous places as not only wielding a sword, but as an archer shooting arrows. But, of that we will enlarge upon in upcoming posts.

Empty Bow?

I think we have shown how those who argue for an empty bow are in error. But, why do so many of today's Dispensational theorists not only insist that the bow is empty, without arrows, but that such a supposed fact is significant, denoting "bloodless conquests," a symbol of peace being brought?

As stated in earlier postings the idea of bringing immediate peace is not the chief idea connected with a warrior on a mounted warhorse with crown and toxon, but is conquest by means of the bow. Peace will come as the effect of the work of the white horse rider (in ridding the world of all the wicked, both of men and spirits, and that happens after Rev. 19). In fact, as we see the next three riders bringing death and destruction, peace is not brought but rather "taken from" the world. It is the peace that God has been giving but which he takes away in the day of wrath. In fact, all through the day of wrath and tribulation men are losing peace! "There is no peace, saith the LORD, unto the wicked." (Isa. 48: 22) And, since the rider on the white horse in 6:2 is leading the charge of the horses that follow, we see anything but "bloodless" conquering.


Anonymous said...

"Can there be any doubt then that the righteous and victorious white horse rider of 6:2 has a bow with poisoned arrows?"

What indicates that the rider on the white horse is "righteous"? This rider seems of a type with the second and third riders, bringing destruction. Given that the fourth riders are named Death and Hell, it is reasonable to view all of the riders as principalities or dominions, spiritual forces (angels of judgment?) unleashed on the Earth as God's judgment begins to fall on mankind, akin to the four angels holding the four winds in Rev. 7:1 and Apollyon (Abaddon) in Rev. 9:11. Speculation that the white horse rider is Jesus or the Antichrist (AC) does not fit the context, nor are there any contextual parallels elsewhere in Revelation that provide more details. Jesus rides a white horse in Rev. 19, but that is the consummation of events, not the beginning, and He fights with a sharp sword, not a bow. The emergence of the AC seems connected with the casting of Satan from heaven in Rev. 12-13, with no mention of a white horse but much discussion of beasts with strange characteristics.

Unknown said...

The rider is on a white horse and is given a crown (corona) and has a toxon ...the simplest fabric with a bow sounds like a face mask. A cloth face mask. He is bringing Corona Poison. Biological warfare.
A white horse is seen with Apollo's sun chariot. It was Trump that unleashed Operation Warp Speed. The same Trump with a portrait of Apollo in his apartment.

Daughter of the KING of kings said...

The riders on the horses are the same horses
from Zachariah 6 and they are not the antichrist or satan, they are 4 spirits of the heavens. These are not under satans dominion and God has sovereignty over all things..

Daughter of the KING of kings said...

The 4 horses depicted here are the same 4 horses spoken of in Zechariah chapter 6. They are the 4 spirits from the 4 corners of Heaven. They are from the Lord. God has sovereignty over all things. satan does not have control over the 4 spirits of the heavens at the 4 corners of the earth.

Anonymous said...

Rev.6 First rider wearing a single stephanos Gk. a wreath as won in athletic games made of garlands or other plant material.His crown was given to him.

Rev.19 Christ wearing multiple diadems or turbans Gk.made of various materials in ancient times. A true Eaton
Christ has always been King of Kings this was rightfully His.

First rider has a bow.

Christ has a supernatural Sword emanating from His mouth.There’s nothing ‘supernatural’ about holding a “bow.”Christ’s Weapon comes from within not holding a man made weapon!

The world cries out during the first half of the Tribulation says Paul ‘we now have peace and safety.’ At first AC changes times and laws causes craft to prosper throughout the world says Daniel, solidifies the world government,etc. He has a bow but doesn’t use it making the arrows irrelevant. He does have authority symbolized by a “bow” brings in peace and seeming safety. He makes a treaty for seven years with the Jews -with the “many” could also be a reference the Arabs being included in other components of this peace treaty which includes the sacrifices and offerings which are reintroduced into the temple at that time.

More later too much!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the horseman has a syringe with poison. Genetic manipulation as in the days of Noah. Then the end will come. God doesn't appear to like mankind messing with his creation.

Anonymous said...

Scripture says the white horse rider comes with a bow and a crown. Bow means toxon in Greek. We can likely make the leap that a bow was mainly used with poisoned tip arrows to be most effective. One could agree that the English word "toxic" comes from toxon, since a bow was almost always poisonous.

So, the white rider came with poison and a crown. Another word for crown is Corona.

So the white horse rider came with Corona and poison.

Big pharma or its representatives came with Corona and the poisonous vaccine

Kim said...

CLEARY, CLEARY REVELATION 6 the 1st seal is about COVID AND THE VACCINES. white horse= white blood cells fight disease
Crown = Corona means Crown
BOW= Greek for Toxon, toxin or an arrow with poison. Oh, you mean like the syringe? From the pharmakeia company(sorcery in revelation is pharmakon) and which has killed tens of thousands but they're hiding it???
Yes people.
It goes forth conquering and to conquer. NOTHING and NO ONE has ever conquered the entire global population but COVID scampering. There is no pandemic. It is all a trick to bring in the new thing. You're talking about the alternative meaning of the word which has to do with birthing forth. It's birthing forth a NEW WORLD ORDER. They're calling it the Great Reset.
Please do your due diligence to educate yourself on the actual Facts, not the lies being fed to you by the propaganda Media.
God showed me this LAST YEAR. THE WORLD IS UNDER A STRONG DELUSION. Psalm 91, God protects us from the raging epidemic, not the scientists or the drug companies.
We are in Revelation 6. We are waiting for the Red Horse to ride. People will kill one another. They will blame the unvaxxed for the fake PANDEMIC of new variants. Believe me or not you will be held accountable. Just ask God. He will reveal it to you. Better get ready and prepared. We are going to die for our faith if you are truly elect. I still pray for escape but I have settled in my heart that I may get my head chopped off.

Unknown said...

Amen, well put, thank you and God Bless!!!!

Unknown said...

You, like myself, are here because you are waking up. Congrats to the blogger for this detailed analysis.
Here's my contribution: Ethylene oxide is used to sterilize both the PCR tests and masks. It is highly carcinogenic. So here we have Toxon, a poisonous piece of simple curved cloth used to wage war. We have a rider conquering (2020) and to conquer (2021 Gamma, Delta, Lambda, etc. to Omega and beyond???), with an onslaught of misinformation and propaganda, while at the same time shutting down any challenges to the official narrative, and now sneaking in forced vaccinations (Fed VA health workers and CA state employees and health workers).
Couldn't agree more with the previous post by Kim. Jesus does not expect us to be theologians to figure this out. I just read all the commentaries on this particular passage, and they are so far off it's not even funny--but to be fair, they did not see the things we are seeing now.
If you haven't seen the YT vid "The Beresheet Prophecy" and subsequent videos, along with the evidence of this first seal being broken, folks it's pretty evident that we are in year 1 of the tribulation period. Once the clock has started, it cannot be stopped. Also check out Frontier Alliance International and download their app to watch the Revelation series by Dalton Thomas and Joel Richardson--simply amazing information, accurate, insightful, and timely.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating insight. Is it possible the First Seal has been opened? The second seal obviously is some form of war. The third, I suspect is results of Grand Solar Minimum, worldwide crop failures. The sixth I suspect is a VEI-8 volcanic eruption. Taupo/Yellowstone/Flegrei...

Unknown said...

I agree. I actually think four of the seals are open. I didn’t think so at first. The first seal is open with the “toxon” poison arrows and the crown.
World wide unrest is happening all over, in many countries as people are taking to the streets by the thousands to protest (violently sometimes) the V passports being forced. This will get more violent as time goes on. The third horse is beginning with inflation, food shortages, and weather changes to cause crop failure. The fourth horseman is riding. Many are dying of the V. Many more than one might think. Antibody dependent enhancement is occurring in the vaccinated. To understand this read: Charles Richet 1913 Nobel Lecture.
Basically in a nut shell: When you are injected with a protein or in this case mRNA that produces a protein Three to Four weeks apart, it acts the same as a poison in the body of animals and people. The body is anaphylactized for life against that protein or poison. It means if you are then subjected to it again, even in a natural virus, your body will react in an extremely strong way, overreacting. This will cause extreme sickness and death. These people are now dying of antibody dependent enhancement/pathogenic priming. This is not well known but it was a concern of doctors since the animal studies for SARS cov 1 in which many if not all animals died this way. The media is lying.
So, these four horseman, as they ride, things will get worse. These things will happen in waves...just like birth pains. Yes, the fifth seal will happen and we will likely be martyred. The sixth seal: The wrath of God starts as it plainly says. Every mountain and island will be moved out of it’s place and the stars will fall (move down) This is definitely a pole shift. Many will die. Then, I think this is when the mark will happen. The word for forehead in Greek means “face” or countenance.....facial recognition! The Greek word involving the hand means to “incise” or cut into your hand. There is a patent wo2020060606. It involves pressing a needle patch into your hand. Do not do this! Die instead! Hell awaits anyone who does this. Check out how Matthew 24 lines up with seals 1-6. Jesus tells us after the sun darkens and the moon does not give light that the sign of the son of man will appear in the clouds, then he will gather us to be with him in the sky!! This is seal 6. Then we will all be in heaven with palm branches...keep reading in Revelation! People no one can count from every tribe, tongue, and nation!
He’s coming people! Jesus who is faithful and true! Get ready! He loves you and he’s coming for YOU!

Anonymous said...

Yes! This is what I’m thinking as well.. the Revelation timeline with the first horseman has begun. I believe your most likely correct about the second horse as well. But also consider the red horse could represent communist China. We can almost hear the hoof prints of the 3rd horse with inflation, but oh so much worse. The pale horse is also pale green.. maybe that has some significance, Green New Deal ideology some how.. not sure.

Anonymous said...

The first horse is the great deception IMAGE OF THE BEAST TV’s, smartphones, tablets all of those things with wonders, lies and fear making everyone that worships the image and the beast take the mark!!! Cv vaccine hand mark, CV pcr forehead mark yes they are secretly vaccinating you with theragrippers search for it in the JOHN HOPKINS UNIVERSITY website!!! They are even the ones that are supposedly tracking the variants too!!! And is the great apostasy too due to they were a lot of so called believers that took it!!! Yes we are in the first seal in the that’s the ABOMINATION of DESOLATION !!! The body of the human is the Temple of GOD and the DNA (HUMAN GENES) is the HOLY OF HOLIES of the Temple of GOD!! In our DNA GOD HAS HIS NAME ON IT YHVH!!! If you let enter the messenger of satan = messenger RNA to put LUCIFERASE ON YOUR DNA, GOD GOES OUT OF YOUR BODY BECAUSE YOU MADE YOURSELF satans property!!! And we are passing into the second seal as you can see peace is being taken out all over the world than war is coming!!! Every nation, ethnicity, religion etc will be at war with each other and sadly vaccinated vs unvaccinated too!!! Get ready 100% spiritually because that’s your only way out of this BELIVE EVERYTHING YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR DID FOR YOU AND TOLD YOU AND YOU WILL NOT PERISH!!!!

Unknown said...

Can we just stick to the scriptures and remember this is a seal being openned.
Everyone keeps thinking of a weapon. Can it just be a symbol of authority along with the lesser type of crown? Someone sat on this horse and had authority to make things happen. Is this simply the war on terror? No enemy was ever named. Is this our Christian ethics USA authority acting on our terror attack that lead to the longest war in our history but was used worldwide? Does it now make way for the second seal,,the large weapon/ victory that Iran may now have? We just now withdrew and left all weapons and they will soon have a nuclear weapon to cause men on earth to kill each other. Is this viable? Can this be the simple truth?

Stephen Garrett said...

Dear Unknown:

Have you not read the entire series? Toxon is a bow with arrows. That is a weapon.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.


Unknown said...

[2] And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

The white horse is symbolic of victory. His victory is for certain.

Unknown said...

I agree.

Unknown said...

Elijah the end time prophet also know as YHWHs servant David is who sits on the white horse. Malich 4:5 ....why a bow was given because he who sits on the white horse is the arrow....Isaiah 49:2....why a crown....because he is the overcomer in Revelation 2-3....and the crown is a stefanos....a Victor's crown....a crown of victory.....1 Kings 17:1...see the typology....when Elijah came into the seen....17 means victory....thos is why he's given a stefanos..and then..concurring and to concur....to reset all things back to how they were always supposed to be....but how....he's given dominion over the entire earth when the 1st seal is opened.

Now word play from lucifer....what are the deep state trying to do bring about? (the great reset).....what are the voting systems called that are controlling the election results?....(dominion) ....what is this pandemic called (corona)....6 letters in corona....and Corona equals 66.....see the 666.....but what about stefanos....that equals 99 ....hmmm....polar opposite. We all know lucifer wants to be YHWH....but he has no victory at all....that's why we see him trying to use the words that are of YHWH.....dominion....reset....victory crown....and Lastly Toxon is simply what toxon is a bow....nothing more nothing less...no need to make it fit an agenda....a bow is given again because the rider on the white horse is the arrow.

Jeremy T said...

Interpretation of scripture is easier in hindsight, but there will always be disagreement even after the fact. I can still see multiple meanings to scripture that creates different branches in the body of Christ. Many say the Holy Spirit has revealed truth, but not all answers can be the truth. I just pray to remain humble and God’s wisdom, in time, will reveal all things. That being said, “It is to the glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to search a matter out.” So I want to search this matter out.

Like many of you, I went to the Greek and Septuagent to look at these words. Toxon can be a simple fabric, it can be a bow, it can be a toxin. The important thing is that the rider comes equipped with the Toxon. The rider already had it with him. However the crown was given to him. My point is if the Toxon is the vaccine, then the vaccine was already prepared and he needed a reason to be able to use it. Thus, the crown (corona) was given to him as an excuse, as a storyboard, to go forth conquering and to conquer. And the masses of the world are blinded to it. Tonight I was sifting through information and came across a picture someone took of the Astra vac label dated 2018.07.15. Mind explaining how they had produced a vac for a disease that didn’t get noticed until late 2019 and official in 2020? The vaccine was ready, they already had it and needed a plandemic in order to use it.

So I don’t think the simple fabric is the focus. They are pushing the vaccine far harder than the masks. Masks seem to be the drill and initial social conditioning and future reinforcement.

To the commenter referencing Zechariah’s horsemen, if I agree that they are the same 4 chariots as the 4 horsemen of Revelation 6, then I’d say the white horseS (plural) coming to the west are to destroy the west. Just because they were in the presence of the Lord doesn’t mean they won’t do harm. Recall that God sent a deceiving spirit to Ahab in 1 Kings 22. The characteristics of the comparison make me think the two are not related.

Moreover, if the first rider from Revelation 6 is about what we are currently going through, then the next rider is not the famine and the empty shelves that we see on the TVs before us. That may be more initial social conditioning before it arrives. But before the scarcity comes the wars. Whether it is the vaccinated vs the unvaxed or countries against countries, I don’t know. The language makes it sound like the former. If my speculation is right, then we will see this before the real famine begins, the 3rd rider.

One more piece to the puzzle, the last time I read through Revelation I was looking for timestamps. No time markers are given for the first 6 seals being opened. Within Revelation no timeframes are given until the arrival of the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11. My point is that the 4 horsemen could proceed the great tribulation. Daniel gives us the 70th week, the confirmation of the covenant with many. But does that dictate that the 4 horsemen don’t arrive prior to the confirming of the covenant? Or does it make agreeing to the covenant more enticing to the 10 kings that sign it?

I am okay with people disagreeing with me. I am simply processing information and as time moves on I am open to changing my interpretations as more is revealed by current events and God’s own knowledge and wisdom is gifted to His followers.

May God bless all of you and may you praise and bless His Holy name!

Wendell Walton said...

Jeremy T --Very well-said, and I couldn't agree more with your analysis and humble spirit. My old-school bible study teacher always said, "I'm just one beggar showing another beggar where they're handing out the bread."
Our goal is to strive for truth and follow truth wherever it may lead. Part of "renewing our minds daily" is being willing to let go of incorrect thoughts/information, and accepting new/revised information with scripture as the ultimate acid test. And then, not to keep this information to ourselves, but share the new insights with those in our circles of influence. The final step is obedience--with my head high or low, rejoicing or complaining, did I do what the Father asked me to do?
Here's something I discovered yesterday: When looking at the second seal (Rev. 6:4), the rider takes peace from the earth. The word "peace" is eiréné which means (from biblehub.com) "1515 eirḗnē (from eirō, "to join, tie together into a whole") – properly, wholeness, i.e. when all essential parts are joined together; peace (God's gift of wholeness)." also "in the Hebraistic sense of the health (welfare) of an individual."
It got me thinking that we may be now in the midst of transitioning from the first seal to the second. Certainly, the sense of peace has been taken on a wholesale worldwide scale, but also for those who have taken the vaxx, peace has been taken from their bodies as well--all essential parts are no longer joined together--quite literally their DNA has been broken.
The next step would be people killing each other and armies of red using their "great sword". What's the "greatest sword" you can think of that these armies have been itching to use?
Here's a great article that puts the pieces together: https://garykah.org/the-covid-agenda-mark-of-the-beast-technology/

I firmly believe, even in the case of prophecy, that God doesn't make it so complicated that a simple person couldn't understand it (that would be me! lol). There is a tapestry of events that weave together; then the picture becomes more clear. Certain things have to happen (and maybe not in the order we expect); however, once the 7-year period of the tribulation (3.5 yrs) and the Great Tribulation (3.5 yrs marked at the start with the Abomination of Desolation stopping the daily sacrifice), the timeline is locked in. My old-school bible teacher used to say that we may not know that we are in the tribulation period until the midpoint marker, but I am leaning strongly to that it has already begun (See The Beresheet Prophecy and follow-up vids on YouTube).
Traditionally, the first four seals mark the first 3 years, BUT Jesus said himself in Matt 24 that at the BEGINNING of birth pains we are to be persecuted and killed for his name's sake. Is this a separate event from the slaughter of those who refuse to take the mark? The fifth seal speaks to those who have already been slain, to wait for those who are yet to be slain. Are these all the martyrs back to Able, or ones in the first half of the tribulation as opposed to the second half? Either way, the takeaway for me in my current understanding is that satan has been given authority to slay the saints--there's no getting around that. If it is appointed for us to go into captivity ("Wellness Camps") into captivity we will go--and this does require patient endurance on the part of the saints (Rev. 13:9-10). So we get slaughtered, BUT the promise is that we overcome satan BY OUR DEATHS. If you're not mentally, emotionally, and spiritually preparing yourself now for that inevitability, you will suffer far greater (much more than you had to) when the time comes. Decide now what you will do then.

So this is the TL;DR version... LOL
Oceans of blessings to you my brother watchers.

Amy m said...

Excellent. I had understood as you have. But you’ve got more then I thought of and understood. Thank you

Josey said...

Thanks for a deeper understanding and it makes perfect sense to me. Great trib. may be when the vax becomes a law. No better love than to loose your head for YAHUSHUA before I get the arrow of poison. The great falling away may be when the people realize they took the mark. Be blessed and never bow down to Lucy.

Anonymous said...

We are already at the 6th seal. The great apostasy of 2 Thess 2:3 also has likely occurred, as it is the Greek word meaning/withdrawal/defection/separation, including a physical ‘putting away’ and that occurred during lockdowns of the churches worldwide. Be prepared by being holy in all your actions, repenting for every sinful thought and deed at every moment it occurs, it is only with 100% faith and trust in the name of the Lord that you can be made whole, healed and saved. We are right at the cusp of the 6th seal. Stand in the Lord, endure, do not be deceived or afraid


As I research the prophecies of the seven seals beginning in Revelation 6 in conjunction with the prophecies of Jesus concerning the end times in Matthew 24, it is plausible to me that the white horse rider may very well be the specter of white supremacy that has been used as a weaponized poison that has given birth to every manner of evil in the world and division in the church. It is a bow that has tied the blessing of dominion bestowed upon humanity at creation and turned the blessing into the poisonous curse of human domination, being the source of colonialization, genocide, slavery, and oppression not only in the western world but globally. The red rider may be referring to the nations that have historically been the primary disrupters of world peace, having been the cause of world wars, and threatening war to this day: in the past, Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan both of its flags featuring red; and presently, communist red China and Russia. The black horse may represent famine-prone sub-Saharan African nations. The yellow horse may clearly and deliberately reference China as being the source of the world's pestilence pandemic, namely the coronavirus. I am researching this intently for an online Bible study that I am presenting entitled, "Unsealing the 7 Seals".

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Wow!! How refreshing to see others noticing the obvious. We were discussing the first seal breaking December 14, 2020 (Sagittarius) when the first jab occurred in London. We were fully aware this was coming in April 2020 Warp Speed. These are the beginning of birth pangs. The second seal is about to break, civil strife and general wars everywhere. Great sword means widespread combat with small arms. Seal 3 is inflation to cause famine. The fourth is the natural outcome and this current first seal has set up the last 3 horsemen. If it comes to martyrdom, we must never shrink from death and preach until our last breath.
Jesus is coming soon

C: from Germany said...

Wow friends! Came here due to a research on the word "toxon" and "toxicon". What an up to date discussion! Thank you all for all of your spiritual, intelligent and insightful contributions. Sincerely C:

Unknown said...

Another piece of the puzzle regarding covid is that toxin in modern usage denotes a specifically biological poison. Psalm 91 to all and if the rapture tarries store food now my Christian Friends. My thoughts on the Red Horse. Watch the Countries with Red Flags Azerbaijan and Turkey(Red Flags) attack Artsahk(Armenia). Russia (which was under the Red communist flag for so long) attacks Ukraine. China(Red Flag) preparing to attack Taiwan? May the Peace of The Lord Jesus Christ be with us all.

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It is a rainbow flag.