Sunday, October 20, 2013

John Watson vs. Harold Hunt

In chapter 126 of my book titled Hardshells & The London Confession I I cited the words of would be Hardshell historian Elder Harold Hunt. Hunt confessed that the 1689 London Confession did not teach Hardshell doctrine and that the Hardshells had done wrong to claim church succession through those Baptists, who he says were Calvinistic Missionary Baptists. Instead, Hunt tried to find Hardshell church succession through the AnaBaptists. But, here is what Elder Watson wrote in his book "The Old Baptist Test."

"About 1633, a Church of Regular Baptists was constituted in London. Their enemies have often tried to identify them with the Ana Baptists; but even the imperfect ecclesiastical history of those times, shows most conclusively, that they always disclaimed the fanaticism of that sect." (page239)

Of course, Watson was correct, and Hunt is not. The AnaBaptists were indeed fanatics and those who wrote and endorsed the London Confession did not support nor fellowship their errors. Watson claimed succession from those old "Regular Baptists" and not through the fanatical AnaBaptists.

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