Thursday, February 12, 2015

What the first Hardshells Believed IX

"If all the sins, that ever were conceived in thought, together with all the practical ungodliness, that was ever committed, from Adam to this hour, were together laid upon thee, the efficacy of Christ's blood is sufficient for the atonement of them all.  And if he gave thee faith in his atonement, thou wouldest be presented without spot or blemish before the throne of God.  On the other hand, if thou didst never commit but one sin, and that sin was only in thy thought, and if thou finally didst leave the world without faith in this Propitiation; that very little sin, as some might call it, would suffice to sink thee down into a world of woe."  (From the Dec. 1841 issue of "The Christian Doctrinal Advocate and Spiritual Monitor," page 99, - SEE HERE)

Notice that evangelical faith in the atonement, or faith in the Gospel, is that faith which is necessary to being regenerated and finally saved.  No one can believe in Christ' atonement and propitiation without being first informed (cognition) about the career of Christ.  But, today's Hardshells do not believe, like their forefathers, that such a cognitive, evangelical, or Gospel faith, is essential to "the faith of God's elect."

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