Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another Example of Hardshell "Logic"

Elder G. E. Griffin, in his debate with Guy N. Woods, also said:

"...it's unscriptural to say who is going to ascend into heaven; Say not in thy heart who shall descend into hell. I would be afraid to do so. Mr. Woods may not be afraid of God's word. I am. God's word tells me not to answer it. He said: Say not in thy heart who shall descend into hell. You know this is Bible." (pg. 35)

Is that not the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard? Another example of Hardshell hermeneutics! He totally misinterprets the words of Paul in Romans 10! Did not Paul do what Griffin says he forbade? Did Paul not point to many and say "he is saved"? Did he not also point to others and say that "they are lost"?

No wonder the Hardshells have been plagued with Universalism and No-Hellism!

Interesting also is the fact that later in the debate Elder Griffin said:

"When I see a man with faith, when I see a man with faith in God and he proves it by obeying God and following him in baptism, that's evidence to me that he will some day live in heaven." (pg. 120)

Did he lose his fear? Or, is he simply contradicting himself, and being a hypocrite?

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