Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hays on Perseverance

Steve Hays, theologian and author at triablogue (see here) wrote the following rebuttal to an article titled "Unconditional eternal security" (written by Ben Crenshaw, Arminian).  (see here)

"In Calvinism, “eternal security” is conditional, not unconditional. It’s contingent on the “perseverance” of the saints. In fact, that’s why it’s traditionally dubbed the “perseverance of the saints.” Subtle, I know.

In Calvinism, “eternal security” is contingent on sanctification, contingent on faith. Good works are a condition of salvation.

Of course, there’s a condition behind the condition. If “eternal security” is conditional on perseverance, then perseverance is conditional on God’s preservation of the elect. And that’s a sure thing."

This is in accordance with what I taught in my series on "Salvation - Conditional or Unconditional?"  It is both.

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