Wednesday, October 3, 2012

An Old Article Revisited

One of the most accessible articles exposing the teaching of time salvation is one written by Elder David Bartley in 1905.  A simple google search is all it takes to find it.  I was pleased to see that Brother Curt Wildy, whose writings we have mentioned before, has previously posted the article in its entirety on his own blog “Look Unto the Lord”.

I have recently come across some of Elder Bartley’s other writings, which made me remember this old article I first stumbled across years ago.  Just as it was with my previous posting on Elder F.A. Chick, I wish for the interested reader to note the following things revealed by the elder in regards to this teaching:

      1)      It is of recent origin.

2)      It is an attempt to bypass the “means of salvation”.

3)      It breaks up eternal salvation into one composed on “fragments and parts”.

4)      It has caused strife.

5)      It is a “works” system.

6)      It is an attempt to explain away what some falsely see as Armininianism.

7)      It fails to understand that the timely phase of salvation is PART OF eternal salvation.

 The article may be read here:

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