Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hardshell Doctrine

In the June 1971 issue of "The Christian Baptist," a leading periodical of the time, editor Elder S. T. Tolley wrote:

"We believe that there will be millions of the 'elect' saved in heaven who have never, nor will they ever, hear the gospel of the Son of God."  (pg. 13)  This was said in Elder Tolley's article  "A Re-Statement of our Faith Needed" in which he showed how the Hardshells do not believe what the London Confession says about salvation, about the Gospel being God's means of begetting faith, which faith is necessary to salvation. 

In the past, in this blog, Elder Fralick and I have affirmed that it is the nigh universal belief of Hardshells that one does not have to believe in Christ in order to be saved, and that many idol worshipping heathen will be saved in heaven.  Hardshell apologist Jason Brown, with whom we have debated here in this blog, has said that this is not true.  Yet, we have presented all kinds of evidence to prove that what Elder Tolley affirms is in fact the view of Hardshells and we have called upon Jason Brown to give us the citations from Hardshells today who believe otherwise, but which he has not been able or willing to do. 

In the issues that followed Tolley's article, there were numerous letters published from Hardshells and not one of them objected to Tolley's statement, but those that commented were all in agreement. 

This is the fatal error of Hardshellism!  They tell people, such as Muslims, Buddhists, Hindos, etc., that they may be saved in spite of their not being Christian.  This is truly a "damnable heresy." 

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