Sunday, March 17, 2013

Visiting with Sonny Pyles?

Every year Elder Sonny Pyles comes to our area here in North Carolina to preach in the local churches.  I have previously written about Sonny and critiqued one of his sermons.  (see here)  This blog post continues to be the top read blog post of The Old Baptist blog.  I sent Sonny a copy of the posting at the time of my writing it.  I never got a reply from him.  I am not surprised however. 

Sonny and I were once fairly close associates in the "Primitive Baptist Church."  I spent a week in his home back in the late 70s and he has spent the night in my home.  Over the past couple years, since I sent to him a copy of my above mentioned posting, I have thought about going to one of his appointments here and see if he would like to get together and discuss doctrinal matters.  Again, I have thought about it this year.  I would enjoy the occasion and even think it would be profitable.  However, my gut reaction is to not do so.  I think to myself - "he knows that I live here.  If he wanted to chat with me he knows how to get up with me."  I also think about how many local Hardshells would not be too welcoming of me in their churches. 

However, if any of Sonny's friends read this blog and want to encourage Sonny to get together with me, please do so.

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