Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cincinnati PB Church's Recent Tension

I heard that sometime in the recent past Cincinnati Primitive Baptist Church, pastored by Elder Lasserre Bradley, Jr., had a dispute that resulted in several members being excluded. The controversy was over the fact that Elder Bradley began using the NIV translation in his services, citing from it rather than from the KJV. Well, due to the adoption of "King James Onlyism" by a large number of Hardshell churches in the latter quarter of the twentieth century, such a thing was sure to cause a disturbance. Thankfully, the overwhelming majority thought that Elder Bradley should be able to use that translation and excluded the few for their unwillingness to submit to the will of the church.

Elder Bradley deserves a lot of credit for coming back to his first roots, and away from Hardshellism, in his later days. It would be good if he would come out forcefully, as have some of the young preachers associated with him, for the means position and help to bring the Hardshells back to the Old Baptist faith.


Anonymous said...

Br. Bradley has never used the NIV translation in a sermon. Never. I know because I have been a member of his church for over 25 years.

Stephen Garrett said...

Dear Anon:

Thanks for the info. Did he use the translation in a bible lesson rather than a "sermon"? Are you against using a version other than the kjv?