Saturday, April 2, 2016

John Gill - A Blasphemer?

Hardshell Zack Guess wrote (as cited previously by me in the posting The Gospel - The Means of Grace V.- HERE): (emphasis mine)

"The Apostle Paul is saying here that in some sense he is the father of these Corinthians and they were his children. The instrument by which they were born was the gospel. Many people interpret this to mean that Paul was the father of the Corinthians in the sense that he had caused them to be born again when he preached the gospel to them. But that this is exactly not what the text is teaching can be shown by the following considerations.

In the first place, it would have been blasphemy for the Corinthians to refer to Paul as a father in the sense that He was the means of bringing eternal life to them. No man can receive this honor because God alone is to receive the credit and glory for the salvation of His people."

John Gill a blasphemer? Did Gill not teach the very view that Guess calls "blasphemy"? Yet, his forefathers honored Gill and called him sound in the faith.

They were both born by the instrument of the gospel, but not? Does he not contradict himself?

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