Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Garrett's Ordo Salutis

The Biblical Order

1. Election (to salvation)
2. Faith
3. Repentance
4. Conversion (or 'calling')
5. Union with Christ
6. Justification
7. Regeneration (renewal, transformation, sanctification)
8. Glorification


1. Election is UNTO salvation, not BECAUSE OF salvation

- in other words, it is unto the end but,
- includes the means to the end
- is UNTO faith, repentance, perseverance
- in other words, unconditional or unmerited
- chosen unto union with Christ not because of union

2. Union with Christ takes precedence 

- union with Christ must precede both justification and renewal
- renewal cannot begin until there is union with Christ

3. Union with Christ results from Faith

- unbelievers in the one true God and in Christ are not joined to the Lord
- it is a cognitive union entered into freely by both parties joined

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