Friday, June 10, 2016

Make That Four Topics

I must add one more subject area to the three previously announced areas for my future writings on Hardshellism's doctrinal errors. Besides KJV Onlyism, anti instrumental music, and anti premillenialism, I want to write on what the Hardshells have had to say about the great Andrew Fuller or what they call "Fullerism." Hopefully, the Lord will allow me to do these things, and hopefully one day revise the entire work "The Hardshell Baptist Cult."

Like professor Crowley ("Primitive Baptists of the Wiregrass South"), and my dear friend Bob Ross, I think the evidence is becoming clearer, as more and more historical records are discovered, that "Two Seedism" has played a larger role in shaping the history of the Hardshells than they are willing to acknowledge. Thus, like Crowley, I want to do more research on this point. Today's Hardshells do not want to acknowledge that their no means view of regeneration and new birth originated with the Two Seeders. More to come, the Lord willing.

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