Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Saved by Faith?

An example of Hardshell hermeneutical error and illogical reasoning my be found in these words:

"A person may say that he believes in salvation by grace, but if he sets forth any act of man's will, such as repentance, faith, baptism, or hearing the gospel, as a condition for obtaining it, then this position must be put on the works side. Primitive Baptists believe that salvation is of the Lord, that it is by His grace, and that nothing needs to be added to it." ("What Primitive Baptists Believe")

I dealt with these sorts of errors in my posting "Hardshell Presuppositions".  And, particularly in my posting "Demolishing Hardshell Reasoning" I overthrew the precise argument as presented by the above citation but which was put out by another Hardshell apologetic web page,

In my previous postings I showed how the reasoning that since salvation is not by works, therefore one does not have to repent, believe, etc., to be saved, is false and heretical. The Hardshell, in his reasoning, affirms that the salvation which comes by faith, or by repentance, is of works, and not by the grace and work of God. He also reasons that such "works" are not necessary for being eternally saved.

Notice also how, in cult fashion, this Hardshell equates believing that salvation is by grace and that it is of the Lord with his peculiar Hardshell presupposition. Only they reason the way they do on what it means for salvation to be by grace. Only they preach salvation by grace!

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