Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It Is Now Available!

In February 2009 I published in The Baptist Gadfly blog a posting titled  Graves vs. Hardshells? where I was looking for issues of "The Baptist," published by Dr. J. R. Graves for the years 1873 and 1874. In these years (as the foregoing post states) R. S. Duncan published a long series of articles proving that the claims of the Hardshells were all false (a thing I have also done for many years). Sometime during the publishing of the articles Dr. R. W. Fain, Hardshell elder and close friend to Dr. John M. Watson, asked permission to answer Duncan and defend the Hardshell claims. At the time of the Gadfly posting the only issues of "The Baptist" available on the Internet were for the mid 1830s, many years before Dr. Graves became the editor. It was begun by Dr. R. B. C. Howell and in those 1830 issues there is much information about the disputes with the Hardshells, Howell taking Dr Watson to task for his Hardshell tenets.

Well, thank God these issues are now available! (SEE HERE) It will take time to read these old papers and hand type any citations. Anyone want to help? I am sure that there is much historical information to be gained from it for anyone doing research on the Hardshells.

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