Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hardshell Quasi Universalism

Elder T. L. Webb Sr., wrote the following in his book "Little Things" (emphasis mine):

"For this reason I have said that every one that sincerely and truly desired to be saved in heaven, would finally reach that happy home. Can you ask for a better system of salvation than one which is sure for all that really want to be saved?" (page 20)

"One comforting thought in the above Scripture (Heb. 11:16) is, if one really desires a better country it is an unmistakable evidence that such an one has an interest there. I have often said publicly, as a rebuttal in defending our people against the charge that our system is not broad enough, that the system advocated by Primitive Baptists is broad enough to embrace all that want to be saved; and why should we think God unjust if He does not save those who do not want to be saved? What better system could we ask for than one which will embrace every one, in all the world, who desires the better country?" (pages 53-54)

"I believe that God is the author of prayer. I have thought, and I believe today with all my heart, that every person in this world, who has prayed, will finally be around the throne of grace in heaven. I say, brethren, these Old Baptists have the broadest system in the world. People say it is narrow. They do not know how broad it is. It is broader than any other theory in the world." (page 99)

"So I say that we have the broadest system that has ever been advocated here in the world. For different reasons the Primitive Baptists have the best system that has ever been preached in the world. How broad is it? It is broad enough that it reaches everyone that has ever prayed a prayer. Heaven will be their home after awhile, if they have ever prayed. Brother Taylor, I love this old doctrine. I get comfort out of it. It reaches me, because, if I am not mistaken, I have, a few times in my life, tried to pray to God, and if I have really prayed, God is the author of that prayer and heaven will be my home after awhile. God answers all prayer." (page 100)

Now, is this not quasi universalism? Do the Hardshells not believe that only a very few people are going to Hell?

(p.s. I am sorry to have learned of the death of Elder T.L. Webb Jr. I met him years ago. He passed away in July. Elder Webb Sr. was an associate editor of "The Primitive Baptist" and worked with Elder C.H. Cayce in Arkansas. He lived in Arkansas and Tennessee as well as North Carolina. In 1941, when his book "Little Things" was published, he was a member here in the Bear Creek association)

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