Friday, May 12, 2017

Hardshells Lose Another

Over the years since I started this blog, and the Baptist Gadfly Blog, I have had numerous conversations, by phone and e-mail, from several "Primitive Baptist" elders. This is how Elder Fralick and I first became friends and colleagues. Two such elders are here in North Carolina, being Elders Brad Whitley and Jeremy Sarber. Both of these elders have seen the errors of the Hardshells and have "come out from among them." I would like to share what brother Jeremy wrote to me recently about his leaving the Hardshells.

Elder Jeremy Sarber wrote to me:

Hey, brother. I’m thrilled to see you writing and publishing to the blog again. I missed you during your brief hiatus. I hope all is well. I can’t remember whether we discussed it, but I officially left the Primitive Baptists at the end of last year. It’s been liberating. I owe a lot to you. If not for your website, I suspect my conversion to sound Bible doctrine would have taken years longer. So thank you. I mean that. In case you’re interested, I’ve been transcribing an extended conversation with a “Hardshell” preacher and releasing one part per week. The entire series so far can be found here:

This came as good news to me as I often get discouraged over the efforts I have expended to try to reclaim my Hardshell brethren. Seeing men like Kevin, Brad, and Jeremy, and others, come to see the errors of the Hardshells and the truth more perfectly, is truly encouraging. I hope others will also be helped by our writings, not only here in the USA, but in the Philippines, Russia, and other parts of the world where the Hardshells are proselyting. One of the things I wrote to brother Jeremy was this:

I have prayed for you over the years and am glad God had mercy on you to open your eyes and deliver you from a cult. Make no mistake about it, the Hardshell church today is a cult. Enjoy your freedom in Christ. Come to visit when you can.

Again, that is the whole purpose of this blog and my writings against the Hardshells. It is to help them see the way of truth more clearly and be delivered from the Hardshell cult. I am hopeful that some day there will be whole churches converted back to the faith of our old Baptist forefathers.

I have invited brother Jeremy to write on this blog and I hope he will do so. Please encourage him to do so by reading his web page and corresponding with him.

If the Hardshells are really concerned about men like Kevin,  Brad, and Jeremy, why don't they come out in the open and dialogue with us on this blog? Jason Brown at least had the courage to do so until he realized he was losing the debate. By the way, anyone know what has become of Jason?


Anonymous said...

Dear Stephen,
As encouragement, God has used your writings to help me after I left the Primitive Baptist. I too had many plaguing questions about their history, time or temporal salvation, hymns that we sang where words were changed or comments made before singing
and many other things. It has been several years now and being guided by the Lord through much searching and studying I have a peace and so I thank God and you and all the other Christians who God used to help me in this journey. I too pray for the enlightenment of the truth of God's word to those I love who think it strange that I no longer partake in their doctrine.

God Bless you and be encouraged

Stephen Garrett said...

Dear Anon:

Thanks much! I am bewildered at the silence of the Hardshells. Why are they afraid to come here and dialogue with us?

I do hope many more will at least read our writings and consider what we say. If they read honestly I believe they would leave the modern Hardshells and return to the true old Baptist faith. I would love to see a wholesale return of the denomination to their historic roots.