Thursday, May 18, 2017

TETH Wants To Debate? Yeah Right!

Brother Jeremy Sarber, who recently left the Hardhells, wrote to me saying:

"I'm sure you're familiar with TETH (The Ears To Hear). If so, you know that he's made it his mission to refute Calvinism. In recent months, I've become his target on Twitter.

 Long story short, I asked whether he would be willing to participate in an open debate. He agreed. I've attached a screenshot of his exact words.

Maybe you finally have a PB with enough courage to debate you. Maybe."

I wrote this back to him:

"Tell him to send us something to respond to or respond to something we have written."

TETH is an anonymous blogger who can be seen at Brother Kevin and I visited his site a couple years or so ago and we could not get him to engage us or to answer honest questions from us. If he really wants to debate the tenets of hardshellism in the light of scripture and old Baptist history, then let him come here as did Jason Brown and we will engage him. We only ask that he tell us who he is. I have no desire to debate with a person who will not disclose who he is. If he wants to debate, let him sign a proposition and we will debate him. He can post his replies on his web page and we will post our replies on ours.

Here is what TETH wrote to Jeremy about debating us.

"Send them my way. I'd love to connect. I'm sure we would find a lot to discuss. They can reach me at"

We've done that in the past.

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