Saturday, July 8, 2017

Garrett Trying To Get People To Leave?

People wrongly think that all my writing against the errors of the "Primitive Baptists" is for the purpose of getting people to leave the "Primitive Baptist Church." That is really not true. What I am trying to do is to get them rather to "return" to the real "Primitive Baptist Church." Today's Hardshells who erroneously call themselves "Primitive Baptists" are really not what they claim, having already left the true Primitive Baptists. I became a true "primitive" Baptist when I left the Hardshells and saw their errors and embraced the real "old school" truth respecting means in regeneration, the necessity of conversion and perseverance for eternal salvation, the absolute predestination of all things, etc. Those elders who have "left" the Hardshells, such as elders Kevin Fralick, Jeremy Sarber, Stephen Emmons, Ernie Fletcher, Brad Whitley, and several others, have not left the true Primitive Baptists, but an imposter group, a cult, and have come back home to the real old Baptist faith.

I use to tell my father - "dad, I am more old Baptist than you are." How can we prove who is really "primitive" or "original" Baptists? If we had a trial or contest to decide the question, what criteria would we use? Would we not check church history to see who departed from the faith of our fathers? Today's Hardshells cannot prove that their aberrant views are the historic teaching of the ancient Baptists. They cannot trace their lineage any further back than the middle to late 19th century.

So, my Hardshell brethren and sisters, I invite you to come back to the faith of your fathers, to truly become "primitive"! Those today who call themselves "primitive" are not really primitive at all as I have proven.

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