Friday, October 18, 2013

Watson on Ephesians 5: 14

Over a year ago I wrote an article titled "Arise From The Dead!" in which I wrote against the view of Hardshell apologist Jason Brown on the passage.  You can read the subsequent exchanges on this here and here and here.  In this posting I want to cite from Elder Watson on this point and show that Watson took the same view of the text as I do, and that my view is the Old Baptist view and Brown's is the neo-Hardshell view.  Watson wrote:

"We call on sinners to awake from the sleep of death by faith, believing that God will give them life;  to repent because he has promised to give repentance; to believe because He gives faith, to persevere because He is the finisher of our faith. Shall we give up this part of the work of the ministry because it has been Arminianized, and call all Arminians who carry it out?" (page 537)

Observe that Watson says that it is "part of the work of the ministry" to "call on sinners to awake from the sleep of death." So, who is more in league with Watson? Neo-Hardshells like Brown, or we here at the Old Baptist blog?

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