Monday, April 4, 2016

My Conversations with Father

I will with this posting begin a new series (not that I don't have enough already to finish) titled "My Conversations with Father." I hope it will prove to be profitable to some. Many have been interested in my possible conversation with Elder Sonny Pyles, and I have a series to finish titled "My Meeting With Sonny Pyles" wherein I relate a fictional conversation between us. (Perhaps we will one day have an actual dialogue)

Over the past 35-40 years I have had numerous private debates and discussions with dad about many points of doctrine. I am sure that many people would love to have heard them!

Well, in this posting, I want to relate a short part of one conversation that we had about 5-8 years ago when I began writing intensely on PB doctrine. Knowing that dad liked certain kinds of jocular jabs in debate, I said to him about my own personal confrontation with Hardshells - "Dad, I eat Hardshells and Campbellites for breakfast." (Actually I was rephrasing a line from a movie where Swartzeneggar was in a fight with a Green Beret dude and said to him "I eat Green Berets for breakfast")

At my comment my father gave a big laugh. It was a laugh that only he and I could know what it signified. Further, he never showed where my jest was not in fact based upon historical fact. It did not take dad long to realize that he was not going to say things to me without me challenging him to prove his statements of fact.

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