Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hassell on the Millenium

The following are my views but are not the views of the overwhelming majority of today's "Primitive Baptists." (More to come) (emphasis mine)

Q. Is the present time the millennium (or thousand years) of Christ's greatest spiritual reign on the unrenewed earth? (Rev. 20:1-6).

A. Certainly not, for the Devil still deceives the whole world, and is inciting the nations to wage the most colossal and awful war ever known in history (Rev. 12:9; 13:14; compared with Rev. 20:3); the present time is the Devil's bi-millennium, or the two thousand years of his reign on earth, by the sufferance of God, since the birth of Christ. 

Q. What is meant by Christ's reign with His people on earth a thousand years? (Rev. 20:1-10).

A. That in the future (for Satan still woefully deceives the nations) Satan will be bound and prevented, for a thousand years from deceiving the nations, and during that period Christ will reign on earth with the resurrected martyrs and the godly, either in person or by a greater outpouring of His Spirit than ever before, and, as foretold in the closing chapters of Isaiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, Micah, and Zachariah, righteousness, and peace, and prosperity, and happiness will abound, and then, at the end of the thousand years, Satan will be loosed again, and deceive the nations once more, and lead the wicked against the righteous, and he will be overthrown by Divine vengeance, and cast, with the leading persecutors and deceivers into the lake of fire and brimstone, and be tormented forever. After this will follow the general resurrection and judgment, and the everlasting misery of hell for the wicked, and the everlasting happiness of heaven for the righteous (Rev. 20:11-15; 21; 22; Matt. 25:31-46; II Thess. 1:3-10; II Pet. 3:3-14).

Q. Will the anti-Christian world powers and false church powers mentioned in Rev., 13th and 17th chapters, persecute the true church before or after the thousand years foretold in Rev. 20?

A. Both before (Rev. 19:11-21) and after (Rev. 20:7-10).

Q. Will there be any of the non-elect left living upon this earth after Christ comes?

A. Certainly (Luke 18:8; Rev. 19:11-21; 20:7-10).

Q. When Christ comes will He reign here upon this earth (made new) with His elect - church, bride, or will He and the church dwell above the earth, and He and they reign over those upon the earth?

A. Rev. 20:6 does not say; but, if Rev. 5:10 refers to the same fact, epi with the genitive generally means on or upon, and is so rendered in both the King James and the Revised Version.

Q. What is meant by the binding and loosing of Satan (Rev. 20:3)?  

 A. He is not bound now or excluded from the earth, but he goes to and from in the earth, seeking whom he may devour (Job 2:2; I Pet. 5:8) and deceives the whole world, tempting them and leading them into sin (Rev. 12:9); but in the future he will be excluded from the earth a thousand years by God's almighty Power, and then truth and righteousness, peace and happiness will prevail, the nations not then being deceived by him. When the thousand years are expired, Satan, according to God's purpose, will be loosed or allowed to roam over the earth again a little season, and he will again deceive the nations, and lead them, in the last great apostasy, to attempt to destroy the people of God, and God will then manifest His righteous wrath and infinite power in casting him and his angels and all his wicked followers into the lake of fire and brimstone, which is the second death (Rev. 20:21). (see here)

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